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Lawn Care & Fertilization


Beautiful green lawn is a great enhancement to a home or a business. Taking care of the lawn, though, can cost valuable time and energy. Our services will keep your lawn looking great by preventing undesirable grasses, weeds and insects from overtaking your property.

Weed Control


Have weeds taken over your property? There are a number of factors that can cause weeds to grow and multiply. Fortunately, our weed control specialists can help. Our knowledgeable team can stop by and implement weed control methods to curtail the growth of unwanted weeds and prevent other weeds from sprouting up in the future.



Aeration is a mechanical process that loosens up your soil to reduce thatch and compaction. This will allow water, air, and fertilizer to reach your lawn’s roots. This process is normally performed during the Spring or Fall seasons. Compaction is a situation where your soil gets compressed to such a degree that it contains little oxygen and prevents the spread of nutrients



Overseeding, using a premium grass seed blend, can be done at the time of aeration to help fill in bare areas or thicken thin areas of your lawn. When done at the time of the aeration, there is excellent seed-to-soil contact, which help the seed to germinate more effectively. Overseeding helps lawns which may have been damaged due to heat stress, insects, or disease. The result, of a healthier, thicker lawn, is a lawn more resistant to future issues.

Rodent Control


We can solve your rodent problems for your home or business. Rodents carry diseases, destroy property, and ruin your standard of living. We understand you need to resolve your rodent problem quickly: that is why we have streamlined our service.

Mosquito Control Services


Customers constantly ask us how we manage to rid their yards of mosquitoes. Our treatment process focuses on the places mosquitoes live: trees, shrubs, and ornamental landscaping in your yard. This careful targeting doesn't just kill mosquitoes that are present during treatment; it also establishes a protective barrier to wipe out any other mosquitoes entering your yard from neighboring properties.

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